The Beginnings

Harvest Exchange started as an idea way back in 2010 while co-founder Adam was working for a civil engineering firm. He spent great amounts of time on the road and, when he could, tried to eat local produce. His search for the produce was usually fruitless, pun intended. He was amazed at how unhelpful the internet was in his search and felt he could do something about it. He had some programming experience, but due to his lack of time and real technical know-how, the idea stalled and went nowhere. Much later, Adam was traveling through Salt Lake City and met future co-founder Matt. This chance meeting reignited the idea and after a few months, Adam decided to approach Matt with it. The timing couldn’t have been better. Matt was just reaching the point in his web business (One Web Centric) to devote time to a worthwhile side-project. From there the two established the not-for-profit benefit corporation Bonum Facere Inc., which in Latin means “do good,” and began work on the website A few months into development, moved to its current home Harvest Exchange is now in pre-release stage and is already attracting great interest due to its grassroots approach.


Our Team

Adam – Farmer Founder

Adam at Death Valley
Adam is what you might call a jack of all trades. His zeal for learning and experiencing new things has led him on a rather adventurous path through life. Born in South Dakota, his family’s farm is located seven miles outside Utica, SD (pop. 65). Immediately after graduating high school, he moved to Minneapolis to remodel houses and that fall attended the University of Minnesota. During his four and a half year stint, he majored in Electrical Engineering and minored in International Business – all the while playing as many sports as he could get himself involved in. After much learning, it was time for some experiencing, and a planned internship in Switzerland turned into a two-year adventure. The progression of traveling then to become stranded and eventually thriving in and around Europe, not only taught him multiple languages, but hardened his realization that anything is possible if you are flexible, learn from your mistakes, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what. These days, he’s putting every spare moment he can muster in to Harvest Exchange.

Matt – Tech Founder

Matt Founder

Matt grew up tinkering with computers, but still has a strong connection with nature. He has created a very successful online retail business from the ground up. He now runs, a web technology solutions provider that helps start-ups get off the ground and moving. Matt has a unique perspective that helps him design technology that has real benefits in the business world.